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MSF Process Template for CMMI Process Improvement Understand and improve your organization's project process and quality assurance.
Size: 22.41MB
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software quality assurance assurance Data Quality Assurance  
Business Process Process Software Business Process Process Software Strategy Framework Model MBA
Size: 13.35MB
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Process Them Process Them is an email processor that automatically processes all emails.
Size: 2.41 MB
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process sort email process email launch process  
What Process What Process lists all the processes running on your computer.
Size: 599KB
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process analysis microsoft picture manager samsung pc suite  
Process Man ProcessMan is a free process viewer software and shows all processes running on your system with their paths.
Size: 3 MB
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process Kill show application process manager  
Process Controller Process Controller - Real-Time Process Monitoring and Management
Size: 631 KB
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process manager control Business Process Management monitor  

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FScape A cross-platform audio rendering software.
Size: 1.7 MB
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editor edit audio editor spectral operator  
Image Processing Toolkit An image processing application to help you with your work.
Size: 900 KB
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editor edit process customize image process image  
ProM ProM - the leading process mining toolkit.
Size: 41.8 MB
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process log process execution log knowledge extraction  
Easy Args A Java API to help you with your development.
Size: 78 KB
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process detect Java API argument process argument detection  
libwpd A C++ library to help you process WordPerfect documents
Size: 772 KB
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process import c++ library process WordPerfect document  
ProcessKiller Ever had that moment when your desktop freezed and you have to restart losing all your work
Size: 871 KB
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process defined moment Process Killer Stop Process  

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WhatRun "[b]WhatRun[/b]" to check online process on Google and the various Processes running on a PC. So the purpose of this application is to determine whether the process is malware or a normal process that...
Size: 10 KB
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analyzer analysis explorer process explorer View Process  
Business Process Illustrator EditBy [b]Business process Illustrator[/b] (BPI) is process monitoring tool. It allows to a view a graph of a process model enriched with status information of a process instance. Additionally the use...
Size: 27.51MB
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Business Process Management membership Business Process  
Process Privileges Privileges determine the type of system operations that a process can perform. Process Privileges was developed to be a set of extension methods, written in C#, for System.Diagnostics.Process. It impl...
Size: 19 KB
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extension query Enable extension methods disable privilege  
Process Sitter Process Sitter checks any process at the specified time interval to ensure that it is running. If Process Sitter detects that the process is not running it will attempt to start the process then send ...
Size: 179 KB
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process Business Activity Monitoring monitor launch  
Process PEB Finder Process PEB Finder is a small et very useful application that will enable you to easily check out the Process Environment Block (PEB) details for any running process. With the help of this utility you...
Size: 139KB
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windows password finder microsoft works free  
EF Process Manager Portable U3 With process Manager you can see process happening behind the desktop, processes running on your computer, You can see all modules which are loaded, or only those used by a particular process, You are...
Size: 1.01MB
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