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process shutdown in title

MSF Process Template for CMMI Process Improvement Understand and improve your organization's project process and quality assurance.
Size: 22.41MB
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software quality assurance assurance Data Quality Assurance  
Business Process Process Software Business Process Process Software Strategy Framework Model MBA
Size: 13.35MB
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ShutDown Plus Close Windows quick and safety, with only one mouse click
Size: 1.42MB
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make shortcut shutdown computer reboot Shutdown hibernate  
Shutdown It! Shutdown It! shutdowns your computer according to a schedule. Shutdown It! has built-in full-featured schedule editor that allows even to embed a script that will run before shutdown.
Size: 1,315K
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system shutdown schedule uga schedule shutdown computer  
Shutdown After ShutDown After is a simple tool to shutdown windows at scheduled time
Size: 1.19MB
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time Shutdown hibernate pc shutdown windows Scheduled  
ShutDown NOW! It is a system tool that allows the user to schedule a system reboot, to operate removable devices and monitor system events.
Size: 1.4 MB
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Pctophone system Rostering System system Cardfile System  

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Kill Process Shutdown processes with this tool.
Size: 13 KB
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process Stop Process Killer Stop Process Kill Terminate  
Maftoox Application Shutdown This software can shut down your system after a process has stopped
Size: 480 KB
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process Shutdown Shutdowner process shutdown system process  
Bluethman ShutDownShutDown ShutDown v1.66 will shutdown your computer. Quicker than clicking on Start and then ShutDown or using NT's Program Manager to shutdown. Shutdown the computer from a batch file or a shortcut on the 95
Size: 65K
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system shutdown shutdown computer Shortcut Manager toolkit  
SmartSleep The most powerful shutdown utility available with task scheduling
Size: 1780K
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automate download process shutdown process process shutdown  
Task Cleaner Automatically tries to shutdown a specified list of process, when indicated
Size: 38 KB
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cleaner Process Killer Terminate create process list  
Mumeet Shut or Kill on Time Timer to shutdown computer or kill process
Size: 227 KB
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Terminate Shut kill process kill favorite process Shutdown  

process shutdown in description

AVX Shutdown you can force the shutdown process, for example; You can shutdown the user's machine when a batch process is performed correctly, so the power consumption can be drastically reduced.
Size: 731.17K
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ActiveX control ActiveX reboot Shutdown schedule shutdown  
Shutdown Panel easy-to-use and handy application that allows you to control the shutdown process directly from the desktop. Just click the Shutdown Panel placed on your desktop to open the window. Select the choice ...
Size: 876 KB
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shutdown computer Shutdown Restart log off Log Off User  
ShutdownControl Here is the official description for Shutdown-Control: A little program to quickly shutdown or restart your PC or put it in Standby Mode and even to abort the shutdown process.
Size: 1.12MB
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power shutdown mobile phone pc google goggles for  
Shutdown Addin (64-bit) Shutdown Addin works by hooking into events triggered by Outlook and invoking a series of commands to help Outlook exit. After a certain timeout period, if Outlook still doesn't exit, then the process...
Size: 1.22MB
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AutoPowerOff You can also abort while in process, which gives 30 second warning before shutdown. The program is a gui which calls the Windows shutdown routine.
Size: 7 KB
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schedule scheduler Shutdown schedule shutdown  
ES Auto Shutdown Scheduler ES Auto shutdown Scheduler is a simple application which allows users to to schedule when to shutdown their computers. Main features: [ul][li]Saves you time Just schedule a process and forget about it...
Size: 1.8 MB
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schedule Shutdown schedule shutdown turn off